Keys are experts in all types of valuations. Please select an area from the information below to view:


Commercial Valuations

Do you need a Valuation for yourself or your bank on a commercial property; we undertake commercial valuations for banks and finance companies and can undertake these for you.


Commercial and Industrial Rental assessments

If you require a rental assessment for a building you own or are a tenant in we can assist. At Keys Valuers we have a comprehensive rental database and routinely undertake rental assessment for commercial and industrial clients.


Valuation for the Bank

Do you need a Valuation for your bank, we are accredited with all major banks and lenders, and can undertake these for you.


What’s my house worth?

We can provide you with the current market value of your house, these reports are perfect for people wanting to sell or purchase a home.


Cost to rebuild my home?

There have been major changes for Residential Home Insurance recently, let us take the stress out of your Sum Insured decision for your home, we have extensive experience and specialize in these assessments.


Building a home!

Are you building a home and require a valuation?


Commercial Insurance Valuations?

The level of Insurance cover Commercial and Industrial building owners have is crucial, in our experience many buildings are under insured!


Relationship Property Settlements

Do you need a Valuation for a Relationship Property Settlements; we undertake valuations of all types of properties and can assist you with a Relationship property Settlement.


Compensation Assessments

We undertake compensation valuations for private clients, Government Departments and Local Authorities, and provide a wide range of property advice across a broad spectrum of property related issues.


Subdivisions and Development Projects.

If you are undertaking anything from a subdivision, a major land development project, or an apartment complex we can assist. We have provided Valuation and property advice to many of the major subdivisions and development projects around the Taupo area.