Building a home!

Are you building a home and require a valuation?

Often banks will require a Registered Valuation prior to lending money to clients to build a home. We can provide initial valuations “off the plans” and also “progress valuations” during the construction phase if required by your bank.

We have extensive experience with construction valuations and advice and have formed solid professional relationships with the banks greatly benefitting our clients.

Keys Valuers Limited (formely Truss & Keys Valuers Ltd) are Taupo based Valuers providing clients with independent registered property valuations for the Taupo Property Market.

We operate from our Taupo office and have amassed many years experience in the valuation and consultancy business. We have the in depth experience and expertise to provide timely, authoritative and accurate advice.

Contact us today to discuss what your building plans.

The process:

  1. Contact us or order a Valuation online.
  2. We will discuss your requirements with you.
  3. The site for the project will be inspected.
  4. The plans will need to be forwarded to us.
  5. A comprehensive report will be written.
  6. You will be contacted to discuss your report and the conclusions.


Or you can contact us now:

Phone (07) 377 3300

Fax: (07) 377 2020