Cost to rebuild my home?

There have been major changes for Residential Home Insurance recently, let us take the stress out of your Sum Insured decision for your home, we have extensive experience and specialize in these assessments.


Homeowners are being asked to take on extra responsibility for house insurance calculations as part of sweeping changes to insurance policies.

You will not only need to remember to pay annual premiums, but also have to calculate a correct "rebuild" cost of the residence, all land development, services, demolition costs and inflation implications. The calculation requirement is being forced upon home owners as insurers switch from open-ended "like for like" home replacement policies to capped "sum insured" policies for homes throughout New Zealand.

The change is a result of the Canterbury earthquakes of 2010-11 and pressures from international reinsurers.

Click here to read the Consumer NZ Report on "Sum Insured House Insurance"


Keys Valuers have extensive experience in construction costs and specialize in Home Insurance Valuations for all Insurance Companies and brokers.


Consideration needs to be given to not only the cost of rebuilding to home but also the land development, services, demolition costs and inflation implications.

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